Home of the original McKenzie and Rogue River historic drift boats and river dories, the spawning grounds for the riverboats that ply the world's rivers today. Whether you are interested in white water, or fishing, or both, these boats were and are designed to please. To that end this site is a sense of place. To quote from the Preface of my book, Drift Boats and River Dories ....

If you have felt the quiet wake of wood on water,

 Or the tranquility of a river canyon made crisp by your oneness with that milieu;  

If you have danced with white water under crystal skies,

 Or nestled on a velvet sandbar under panoplies of stars,

 Then you have felt the river's touch.


The Strike, by Bill Girsch                                                                                                                                                               The Release, by Bill Girsch


Check out our McKenzie drift boats for the wee ones. I have joined forces with wooden boat adventurer, Greg Hatten to bring the excitement of these boats into the living room. For a taste of what's currently available, go
here . . .

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