For Sale - Canoeyak
(Kind of a canoe and kind of a kayak)

$325 for the CanoeYak and outriggers. Add $125 for the set of spruce, 6-foot oars.
Contact Roger at 503 559 0204, or email me here)





Overall length is 15-feet with a 24-inch bottom amidships, and 33-inches at the sheer. The rowing outriggers are easily removed for paddling. If you choose to take the oars, they are six-foot spruce. Oarlocks are not provided, and the outriggers will accept an oarlock with a 5/8th-inch diameter shaft. Weight empty is roughly 50 pounds. Handles at stem and stern make it an easy carry.

Early on, I designed and crafted a rowing outrigger for the boat. The paddles work well, but without a skeg they track in the direction of each stroke. With 6-foot oars, however, these boats slide through the water with ease, at a faster clip and in a straight line.  Sweet.


Pretty, aren't they? The boat is nicely sized for one person, or two children with paddles, or an adult and child. It is easily-cartopped. Loose items such as the two decks, seat platform, back rest, oars or paddles, and attendant safety devices should be packed separately. The skin is quarter-icnch marine aquatech, ash frame and stem/stern posts. The  bottom underside is layered with 8 ounce triaxle fiberglass that was weighted in with six coats of epoxy resin, and finished off with four additional coats with graphite powder added.

  I have helped each of our grandsons design and build their own boat. This one we call a “canoeyak,” a kind of cross-over between a canoe and a kayak. It is intended for flat water such as, a lake or a flat water river. My grandson suggested that we build three, two of which could be sold to cover the cost of his boat. We did just that, but retained one as a back up for the occasional family event that required an additional craft. This canoeyak is the last of the three, and it has been hanging in my shop without a playmate for three years. Unused. It's in great shape, and it needs a friendly home.