The McKenzies


Pacific Northwest Drift Boat Modeling Workshop
Using the free-form construction technique

Columbia River Maritime Museum
 Historic Astoria, Oregon
August 31 - September1, 2013

Taught by drift boat and river dories historian, author and artist, Roger Fletcher. Two boats are being offered to model. The most popular boat is the McKenzie double-ender with a transom. You will learn why its particular features have become the standard for the boat. She is clearly the most popular among the drift boats and is known for its performance in technically difficult water. She is a superb fly fishing platform.

The second boat is the Rogue River dory. To the untrained eye she looks like a McKenzie, but she is anything but. She lacks the continuous rocker of the McKenzie, has much greater flare, and is particularly adept in very heavy water. The Colorado River dory is traced back to this boat and has basically the same footprint.

The Rogues


I will provide an overview of the history and grace of these magnificent riverboats. The McKenzies and the Rogues are Oregon's unique contribution to wooden boat design. Each student will handcraft their model using techniques that parallel building the boat full size. If you have dreamt about building your own drift boat but have been intimidated by the seeming complexity of it all, this workshop will be a big confidence builder. If you have dreamt of a lovely scale model to reflect your passions for the river, then it is here that you can reach that dream.  Whether you are a fly-fisherman, whitewater adventurer, or a boat builder, you will enjoy recreating a unique and important piece of the Pacific Northwest’s history.



Most tools are household items. Modeler must bring Xacto knife and spare blades

  To Register for this workshop and others that are scheduled this summer and fall, go to the Barbey Maritime Center at the Columbia River Museum. Space is limited so register soon.

The models are crafted from scratch using scaled 1" : 1' material


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