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At the drafting table and with his wife, Sue (50 years this year!).


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Roger Fletcher is an educator, historian, artist and author. He and his wife, Sue, have spent 45 years exploring the Northwest's wild rivers in drift boats. As an educator he believes running white water in a wooden drift boat can be one of life's great  experiences.  As an artist Roger hopes his re-creations of the original boats will stir recollections of your own river experiences. As an author he brings to life the men and women behind the early boats. His work has reignited interest in the historical drift boats and dories. Full size re-creations of the early boats are being built around the world as fully functioning drift boats, as well as his models. The capstone of his work to-date is his book, Drift Boats and River Dories, Their History, Design, Construction and Use

The River's Touch is as much about a sense of place as it is about the original drift boats. Roger's passion for the quiet wakes of wood on water is equally matched by his affection for the milieu of the river. His research into the origins of these lovely river craft have heightened appreciation for the men and women behind the early boats.

Roger's work represents a unique trans-continental collaboration between he and renowned boat builder, modeler and author, Harold "Dynamite" Payson. "Dynamite has been my mentor for developing my boat research protocol. More important, Dynamite's direct, no-nonsense yet humorous approach to problem-solving and writing has served this verbose academician well. He keeps understandable simplicity alive, and I consider it to be a profound privilege to call him both mentor and dear friend."  





H.H. Payson

Harold "Dynamite" Payson (South Thomaston, Maine) has been on the water all his life. He picked and sold blueberries in order to purchase his first dory (an old, used Banks dory) for "five bucks" at the age of 13. His life long interest in Northeast dories is tied to his love of wood on water. "Dynamite" is an accomplished author who has written numerous articles and 10 books on dory modeling, bost construction and shop talk.

My dear friend died on March 23, 2011 at the age of 82. I have posted a tribute here.

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