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Hand Carved McKenzie River Half Hull





This half-hull is hand-carved from Eastern White Pine to the lines of the original McKenzie River drift boat, and is mounted on a lacquered three-quarter-inch Hemlock backboard. The piece includes a scaled set of oars. The half hull and backboard measure 16 inches left to right and 4.5-inches top to bottom. The piece comes with brackets installed for mounting on a wall, or it may be comfortably leaned against an appropriate background. The informational decal resides on the backside and is signed.


Hand carved half hull


Informational signed decal


Price - $180 plus $12 for shipping

To order send check or money order payable to Roger Fletcher ($192) to:

  Roger Fletcher at the River's Touch
  2353 East Ellendale Ave
  Dallas, OR 97338

Allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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