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Signed Soft-Cover Edition - Drift Boats and River Dories
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WoodenBoat, the magazine for wooden boat owners, builders and designers, (Issue197), pp 108 – 110, by senior editor Tom Jackson who concludes that this book“ will stand as the definitive statement on the subject. The author writes from the strength of a simple love for his subject. He leaves us wishing we could have been there to get in on the action. The book is a compelling invitation to join the camaraderie of the river…and …the only decision left is to commit and go.” 

Boatman’s Quarterly Review, a periodical by and for Grand Canyon River guides, Fall 2007, by Brad Dimock, who reports that he and a friend “tried out the instructions in mid-July. A week later, at a cost of about $300 in construction grade material, we had a beautiful replica of Woodie Hindman’s original 16-foot Double Ender with Transom. We can vouch for the clarity and completeness of the methods and the drawings. With a few good tools, a pile of sticks from the lumberyard, and a healthy dollop of elbow grease, you too can have your own riverboat.” 

Salmon – Trout – Steelheader a magazine for Northwest sports fishers by Amato Publications, October 2007. The review is by Jack W. Berryman who writes that the lines and stories of these  “superb fishing boats” is recorded in “this magnificent one-of-a-kind collection. In all this a beautiful and well-researched book that has saved a slice of unique Northwest history for future generations of fishermen, river runners and craftsmen.” 

California Fly Fisher, a magazine for west coast fly fishers, January-February 2008 issue with a review by Larry Kenney. He concludes by writing: “If the idea of a drift boat grabs you, if you want to know more about them, if you’re considering building one, or if you’re simply interested in the historical development of a uniquely Western craft whose ties to fly fishing are strong, Drift Boats and River Dories is a book you will want to read and own.”  

Gray’s Sporting Journal, the national bi-monthly sportsman’s magazine, in the February – March 2008 issue, reviewer Chris Camuto writes: “Does anyone ever get between the oars of a drift boat – feel its cocky, shipshape, river-perfect design while plying those oars – and not fall in love with a craft so favored now by guides and sports east and west? I doubt it. Roger Fletcher has given us a book worthy of the boat… There are two books in one here: a superbly written and beautifully illustrated history of the evolution” of the boats “and a how to book on building the traditional drift boat. Fletcher’s purpose in this truly masterful book is as lyric as it is practical.”














































Published by Stackpole Books, Inc, 9 x 12" now in soft-cover, 284 pages, with boat building illustrations by Sam Manning. Sam's illustrations make drift boat building easily understood, and they bring the project to life.


The book chronicles the lives of the people behind the boats at each eddy of evolution. Detailed plans for 10 of the 13 boats Roger has recovered are in the book, including the stories of recovery, and the performance characteristics of each. The tome, coupled with Sam Manning's excellent building illustrations, is responsible in part for the resurgent  interest in wood drift boats.




















































The Drift Boat Book

Readers are saying . . .

"I want to compliment you on your beautiful book. Not only is it filled with compelling stories and detailed plans, it is artfully assembled in an easy-to-digest format. Your histories and plans are meticulously researched, and the prose is well-written and rewarding to read. Thank you! Coming from a younger generation that is so often infatuated with throw-away goods (I was born in 1985), I find it especially inspiring that such boats are timeless classics that can be recreated and enjoyed every bit as much today as 50 or 60 years ago. Currently I'm beginning to figure up materials and am in the planning stages for a Colorado River Dory, which I hope to start next month. K.N. (Colorado)

"...A masterful piece of work. I just can't put it down." RL (Michigan)

"I'm building my third boat. . . I am bringing them back to life..." JS (Oregon)

"... The clarity of your accounts of the men and women of the McKenzie, Rogue and Colorado have each become a friend..." TR (California)

"The book, the model and the boat - I can't take my eyes or my hands off of them..." BD (Washington)

"Dear Roger, you annoy me. My husband has left me for the boat project -- and I have not seen him this enthused for years. . .Thank you, I think..." KK (Washington)

"Okay, nearly two weeks ago I was looking for a book about drift boats, and discovered Roger Fletcher's "Drift Boats and River Dories" on Amazon, and made the order. . .  I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning! Well, the book arrived several days ago, and I am exceptionally pleased! I can't put it down! I read it when I go to bed, and jump like a cat on a hot, tin roof when I fall asleep and it thumps me on the chest. My girlfriend thinks I've lost my marbles because I talk to my book and tell it how special it is... " SM (Virginia)

"Roger, I have to agree with all the positive comments on your book. It is a masterpiece and very well written. As I have said before I learn something new each time I reread it." RN (Washington)

"Your book inspired me to build a drift boat with my grandson during his dad's battle with cancer. It was excellent therapy for both os us, and we were very appreciative of the books instructions and clarity of the plans. Both the boat, grandson and son are doing well." SB (Wisconsin)

"I have just completed building the Colorado river dory from the specifications in your book. I first saw "Drift Boats & River Dories" when it arrived at the Salmon (Idaho) Library. After reading it I got a copy for myself. I built the boat on a strongback that was based on the illustrations in your book. I will be launching the boat on the Salmon River this coming week. . .Thank you for such an inspiring and helpful book." EM (Idaho)

"Just a short note to say thank you for your wonderful book, my friends and I purchased your book in  the summer of 2010 and then followed on by building a sixteen foot double ender with a transom. I must tell you that making this boat changed us all, it was certainly one of the most satisfying times of all our lives. . . As a note to anybody who intends to build one of these wonderful craft, we did not alter or change a single thing on the plan and every single aspect worked without a hitch, it was an amazing process." PB (Tasmania) 

"I've met a lot of students over the years and watched young people grow up--most of them are cookie cutter kids--exactly the same--went to school, played Nintendo.  When my kids go for a college or job interview and the interviewer asks, "what makes you different or interesting?"  I want my kids to have something to say--taught myself to play guitar, built a house, built a boat, went to the Boundary Waters, ride horses, raised a steer, butchered a sheep. All the kids had a hand in this boat, even 3-year old Aidan who passed nails and screws. Thanks for the plans and the book that gave my kids and I the opportunity to do this." SH (NY - West Point)

"Thanks for a great book of Oregon rivers culture, boat plans and instructions. My trapper is serving me well and I look forward to my next season." SS (Finland)

I appreciate your mindful glimpses into the lives of those who developed and used the boats, and the way you shared your personal experiences with them and their families. . .And the lines drawings and plans are excellent. Your instructions are neither too wordy or too spare. Just tright. A framed Colorado Riover dory from your book is up next. Thank you. SB, (Kalispell, MT)

Roger, the signed copy of Drift Boats and River Dories arrived three days ago. I haven't put it down. Three books in one. A treasure. No wonder it is today considered the "drift boat Bible." I had no intentions of building one of your historical representations, but having read stories of the lives behind the boats, and the thorough presentation of the boats' lines and construction detail, I can't resist. L.J. (Santiago)